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Looking for the one? You are the one

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The greatest relationship you can have lies within yourself. Accept yourself fully, flaws, mistakes, failures and all. Love yourself fully. Treat yourself with love and respect. Allow yourself to be. Be authentic. You are the one for you. The love you are looking for lies within yourself. And don’t forget to smile!!! A smile is the best accessory you could wear!      

Stop trying to be someone you’re not

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It is a big challenge to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else. But be yourself anyway! Someone will always be better than you at something so stop comparing yourself to others.  They will never be you.  You should stay in your lane and focus on breaking your own records. Don’t change so people will like you.  Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.

When a person wants you

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Deep down, you know when a person wants you. If someone wants you in their life he/she will make room for you.  You should not have to fight for a place in their life. Love should not leave you feeling stressed out and unappreciated.  Love will not make you feel depressed, lost or distraught.  Real love will not destroy you, it will build you up.  It will encourage the best out of you. Never, ever, impose yourself on someone who keeps on overlooking your worth. You won’t have to force…read more

Don’t hide

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Don’t hide who you are.  Don’t hide your values. You being yourself is a form of self-love because you are accepting yourself as you are (flaws and all) and saying to the world “this is me!”. Be authentic, regardless of others’ opinions of you.  Some people will always have a comment to make about you so you migth as well just beeeee. You will attract others in the same vibe as you, who will get you and connect with you. Your uniqueness may be the missing puzzle piece to someone,…read more

Be gentle with yourself

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Be gentle with yourself. When feeling blue/down, don’t reject it, don’t ignore it, don’t suppress it, just be gentle with yourself. When feeling lazy or procrastinating, be gentle with yourself. Let yourself just be, for there is a reason behind how you feel. Observe it, feel it, let it pass. Don’t pressure yourself to be what you are not. Be gentle with yourself. After making a mistake, be gentle with yourself. No one is perfect. Learn from it. This lesson may make you a better person if you consciously choose…read more

Love circle

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Our well-being can easily be influenced by the people with whom we surround ourselves.  Some of them are loving and pleasant to be around while others drain us of our energy.  We do have control, to a certain extent, over who we spend most of our time with.  Avoiding toxicity is not out of our hands. Spending more time with people who are nourishing and positive clears away negativity from our lives.  It encourages growth and self-love.  The circle of people with whom we have a healthy and positive relationship…read more

No one is a mind reader

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No matter how many times we have heard someone say “I’m not a mind reader” we often forget to express what we need or want to others, hoping they will know from our body language. But, that does not work. Some people can guess what we need or want but we should not rely on this as it leads to frustration most of the time. The importance of communication is even higher in today’s highly virtual world (with all these chat acronyms, text message shorthand and emoticons). Expressing exactly what…read more

Be yourself, there will never be another

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Don’t be afraid to be who you really are.  You are unique.  There will never be another you.  Being your authentic self may also inspire others to be themselves. Being yourself is a form of self-love.  It’s like you are telling yourself “I accept you the way you are (whether others like it or not), I love you the way you are (with all your mistakes and flaws) and I am proud of you (whether you fit in or not)”.  Self-acceptance and self-love are beautiful. I understand this may be…read more

Good habits to adopt

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Here is a list of some good habits to adopt (not in order of importance) Smile.  It will lift your mood.  Others will feel more positive around you. Make time for yourself as you need to relax, recover and recharge your batteries Set daily goals that are realistic and achievable to direct you towards your main goal so you don’t waste time and feel much less stressed Prioritize by doing what is most important Invest in your health and appearance to feel more confident.  It’s important to take care of…read more

An experiment: writing freely

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This post is just an experiment, an attempt at ignoring my tendency to overthink what I type here and filter multiple times–fearing what my readers might think. Giving up shyness for boldness.  Even after thinking this last sentence, I can’t help feeling like I gotta control what I say. I am on a journey of exploration and self-discovery, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, facing my challenges instead of looking for distractions from them and this experiment is part of this journey. Writing freely is a way of being…read more